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Intrauterine insemination or IUI is an ART procedure which
is used to help couples facing fertility issues.
Overview about IUI
Intrauterine insemination or IUI is an ART procedure that is used to help couples facing fertility issues. In the procedure, sperm from
the husband or donor is directly released into the uterine cavity of the female partner. IUI is also commonly termed as Artificial Insemination.
Who is recommended for IUI ?
Couples with certain specific fertility issues may benefit through IUI Cycles. This procedure may be recommended for couples facing:
Sexual disorders
IUI is considered to be the right treatment option for couples in which the male partner is diagnosed with certain infertility-related problems including low sperm count, problem in shape and movement of sperm, or erectile dysfunction.In the IUI procedure, the doctor transfers sperm collected from a man directly into a woman’s uterus to help her get pregnant. The goal of IUI is to make pregnancy more likely by overcoming some causes of infertility and placing sperm in mature eggs during ovulation.
Sexual disorders
Ovulation Disorders
Ovulation Disorders
IUI is recommended to women with ovulation disorder and conditions like unexplained infertility. Initially, a patient is given medicines for ovarian stimulation to help enhancing and improving the fertility of a woman which may not be possible without medication.
Inhospitable cervical conditions
IUI helps in treating reproductive health disorders related to cervical stenosis or abnormalities by directly depositing sperm into the uterus. A thickened cervix can prevent sperm from reaching the egg thereby decreasing the chances of conception.IUI bypasses your cervix, depositing sperm directly into your uterus and increasing the number of sperm available to meet the awaiting egg. If you don’t become pregnant, you might try IUI again before moving on to other fertility treatments.
Inhospitable cervical conditions
endometriosis with patent tubes
Grade I endometriosis with patent tubes
IUI treatment helps women conceive who are suffering from Grade I Endometriosis as the intervention of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure is considered important with the fertility medications used to treat endometriosis conditions.
Age of the female partner
Age is an important factor to be considered while recommending a patient for IUI treatment. Top fertility experts consider IUI as a first-line treatment for age-related infertility because fertility medications are used to stimulate egg production before the treatment. However, higher age can negatively affect IUI outcome. Research has shown that the rates of IUI success are lower for people older than 40. It’s natural that the older a woman gets, the fewer eggs she has.
Age of the female partner
IUI Success Rate varies from 10% - 30%.
Success and IUI
The success of an IUI procedure depends upon a number of factors such as the age of the partners, type of fertility problem, and any pre-existing medical conditions. However, in most cases, IUI yields a success of around 10-20% and even with certain pre-existing conditions can yield around 8-16% success with the use of proper fertility treatment.
  • Moderate to severe Endometriosis
  • Poor sperm count and motility
  • Severe damage to fallopian tubes
In such cases, IUI might not be effective and the couple is suggested to undergo IVF treatment for the best results.
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