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Gynecology is an ART procedure which is used to help couples facing fertility issues.
Overview about Gynecology

Gynecology is a clinical practice that involves dealing with the women’s reproductive system health. It comprises both fields i.e. medical and surgical. There are several gynecological problems that require hormonal and pharmacological handling, but there are issues like fibroids, cancers, that need surgical treatment.Doctors in this field are known as gynecologists and specialize in diagnosing the reproductive issues in women.

They also offer the treatment required as per the diagnosed problem. They also offer sexual health service which incorporate pelvic exams, cancer screenings, vaginal infections, Pap tests, etc. If any female is facing problems like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic pain, and infertility. There are gynecologists who also practice obstetricians. Obstetricians offer care during the birth and pregnancy to a woman. And, when a gynecologist is an expert in obstetrics as well, they are known as OB-GYN.
When should you see a gynecologist?
Couples with certain specific fertility issues may benefit through Gynecology Cycles. This procedure may be recommended for couples facing:
Unusual discharge
If you have been experiencing any sort of discharge which is not normal, then visiting a gynecologist is a must. It is vital to identify the problem so that gynecologists can begin the treatment or medication required.
ICSI Treatment
Due for checkup
Due for checkup
It is essential to pay visits to your gynecologists on a frequent basis as this helps in maintaining your reproductive health. Gynecologists can recommend the precautions or medications required depending on the reproductive health history and recent diagnosis.
You have concerns about your period
It is important to visit the gynecologist when you are experiencing changes every month during your periods such as bleeding or unfamiliar pain. They can also give you answers related to pregnancy and offer complete guidance in both the cases.
genetic problems

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