Female Infertility
Female infertility is a condition defined as women trying to get pregnant
with frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for more than a year with no success.
Overview about infertility in women
Female infertility is a condition causing the problem of inefficiency in getting pregnant and having a successful pregnancy. It is mainly linked with diagnosis after a female has tried getting pregnant for more than a year without using protection and she is still unable to conceive. It is an indication of infertility and there are several treatment options available for infertility, comprising medications for correcting hormonal problems, physical issues surgery and primarily IVF or in-vitro fertilization.
Infertility in women is like any other health condition which should be treated with the right treatment and medication. Our IVF has incorporated a team of fertility specialists who not only ensure offering the finest treatment but also make sure to be available throughout the journey.
Who is recommended for infertility tests?
Diagnosed reproductive system issues
Women who have recently been diagnosed with any sort of reproductive organ problem must get in touch with the infertility expert. These issues can be blockage of fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, and any problem related to the uterus.
genetic problems
fertility problems
Heavy Menstruation
If a woman is experiencing heavy menstruation problems or irregular periods i.e. missed periods, it is essential to consider visiting the infertility expert. It is one of the signs for infertility and there may be a requirement of treatment or medication.
Recurrent miscarriages
When a woman has the history of recurrent miscarriages, then it is recommended to get the female fertility test done. Doctors would be able to diagnose the problem on time and can offer the treatment or medication required.
Recurrent miscarriages
IUI Success Rate varies from 10% - 30%.
Success Rate female infertility
The success rate of female infertility treatment depends upon the physiology of women and ranges from 30% to 35%. Conversing about the IVF success rate on an average then it is around 40% in females. Among all other available fertility treatments, IVF is identified to be the most successful treatment that helps to achieve motherhood they have been dreaming of.
success rate female infertility

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