Embryoscope is a revolutionary incubator to keep the embryos in a perfect environment till they are ready to be transferred into the mother’s womb. This incubator allows the embryos to grow in a controlled environment that is similar to a mother’s womb. This allows the embryo to grow healthier and has a better chance of creating pregnancy after transfer. Embryoscope is a boon for patients who have a high number of abnormal growth or chromosomal abnormalities. It provides 24-hour monitoring and video facility to eliminate the need for manual handling of embryos
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How does the Embryoscope Incubator help in making IVF a success?
  • Embryoscope mimics the mother’s womb temperature allowing for a perfect growth environment outside the body
  • Close monitoring of the embryos without taking them out allows them to remain undisturbed
  • Least to no manual handling prevents any chances of accidents
  • Better visibility of the embryos gives a fair idea about the chromosomal abnormalities in them, thereby preventing the implantation of abnormal embryos
  • Only the most healthy embryos are selected and transferred due to the precise monitoring thus giving Embryoscope IVF high success rates
Who can opt for Embryoscope Monitoring?
  • Any couple going through IVF procedure
  • Couples having a history of abnormal or weak embryos
  • Patients with repeated implant failures can increase their chances of pregnancy by opting for embryoscope with IVF
  • If the female is of advanced maternal age then embryoscope may be suggested
  • A couple having a history of multiple miscarriages requires embryoscope to prevent the trauma

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